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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 - UPDATE

2014 ...

Well after a tough 2013 season, that had plenty of highs and lows, I am now very much gearing myself up for the year ahead. Having not had a great year by any stretch, I feel that the lessons I have learnt will stand me in much better stead to push on and enjoy more success.

Having not kept my full Challenge Tour status I will have to take advantage of the events that I get in to, but there will be plenty ahead for me to get my teeth into and give it a real good go. If I compare my overall game now to my game a year earlier, then I'd have to say I'm significantly better. Every aspect has improved, and that's not just the technical stuff like my swing but also the mental side of it. I'm far more confident going into 2014 and I'm raring to go.

My season starts at the end of February with a ProAm in Qatar, an event I played last year, and that should set me up well for the start of the Challenge Tour as I will go straight from Qatar to Kenya, a tournament that I really enjoyed last year.

As for the winter golf in England, I've tried to be very selective with where and when I play, as sometimes it really isn't beneficial to be out there braving the muddy conditions and getting frustrated with it. So when I have played it's generally been on links courses with half decent greens. In terms of the work I'm doing technically, I tend to do a lot of it myself but I have bounced some ideas off my Dad and have also done some work with Peter Barber at Didsbury. Pete is a county and national level coach and has been a good friend of the family for all of my life, so to talk to someone that knows my game really well and who I can trust which is very important and helpful.

So just a couple more weeks to endure this weather before the searing heat of Qatar, I'm sure I'll update again shortly with anything interesting I stumble across.

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